Welcome to Bedouin Travel, we're passionate about all things Arabian, Ottoman and Persian.


There a few legends of hospitality like those of Bedouin, mandated on them by their culture and heritage. It’s a culture and heritage that deserves a wider appreciation and we’re passionate about doing our bit to bring you the most authentic experiences that Arabia, North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean can offer.


We hope you’ll have a look around our website and get inspired. Then, just call us and let’s have a chat about what and where in the region can fulfil whatever it is you are looking for. Gathering those ideas takes time, not just a few clicks, we do like to get to know more about you, what you like/don’t like, what the ‘ideal’ in your ‘ideal holiday’ really means.


It’s why you don’t commit to booking anything with us before you’re confident we’ve understood exactly what type of experiences you’d like. Everything we do is tailor-made, anything else, just isn’t you.